A downloadable game for Windows

*Update 1: I am learning about implementing the online high-score feature. I should have it done soon-ish.*

*Update 2: I am done with implementing the online high-score feature!! Good luck have fun!*

*Update 3: Itch.io apparently blocks code that fetches or sends information to other websites (I am using dreamlo.com as the highscore database for this project), i have to make this a download rather than a web player game. I am sorry for any inconvenience this might cause you.*

*Update 4: Added something special to the game... perhaps a code of some kind... You might find that it does the REVERSE of what you would expect... ;) have fun all! (also some small color changes :P)*

This is a Tetris clone with a different difficulty mechanic. The side walls have 3 health on each row. The change in health in each row is dependent on how many rows have been completed at once:

1 row = -2 health to that row

2 rows = 0 health (no change)

3 rows = +1 health to these rows

4 rows = -1 health to these rows

When the side blocks reach 0 health, that row will collapse and shrink the stage by the removed blocks, making the game stage smaller and harder to play in.

The game UI was designed to be simplistic and easy to navigate. Press ESC to open the menu and use arrow keys to navigate. The game will keep all your sound settings.

Please give me feedback on this little project. I welcome critical reviews. I would also like to know if you encounter any bugs that need to be fixed, or if you have an idea on how to make the game better.

So don't be shy and use that comments section below! I really value all your input and will respond to all of you if i have time :)

Thank you for playing my little game!


TetrisFall_Windows_32.rar 30 MB
TetrisFall_Windows_64.rar 29 MB

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